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Choosing an Agency

These days most clients are making domestic adoption placement plans. The home study has helped clarify what you want from adoption and what your situation is. Now, you face the all-important decision of designing a placement plan. Most of our home study clients will go on to utilize Acadia Adoption Center as their national search placement program. We also maintain an extensive network of placement professionals across the country, with whom we have worked. In some circumstances we are able to find a potential match shortly after completion of the home study.

If an early match is not found, ARA will consult with you as you move forward with your placement plan. We continue to help you address not only your practical concerns, but deeper questions you may ask yourself about your adoptive child:

After You've Adopted »

“Adoption of a same race child would have been enough of a stretch, but we went one step further, with a baby that came out of someone else's body and someone else's culture. When I first met my son, I felt overwhelmed by the responsibility of teaching him things I couldn't possibly know as a white woman...”

– Jana Wolff, Secret Thoughts of an Adoptive Mother