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What do you want your family to be?

Family Stories

Families come in many shapes and sizes. Here are a few that we helped create:

Maria and Marc

Our adoption journey began over three years ago and took many twists and turns along the way. We are so incredibly thankful that Dr. Laura and her staff were there to guide us and give us hope. We pursued international adoption for two years, and when that fell through, we were heartbroken. Laura patiently went through our options and provided us with the encouragement we needed to push forward. We have now been blessed with a gorgeous little baby boy, Patrick, through domestic infant adoption. From filing our paperwork, choosing an agency, navigating through the myriad of steps involved in the process, and providing general support for our family, Laura’s guidance and expertise made things easier. We would fully recommend Dr. Laura and her staff to any prospective adoptive parents!


In a process where you rarely feel sure about anything, I felt certain that Dr. Laura Nemeyer was the best person to assist me in adopting my two children. As a prospective single mother, many people had tried to discourage me from adopting or set up roadblocks to deter me, but Laura was always there to make the process easier, reassure me and provide helpful information. Though there are no guarantees with adoption. She was always certain that I would be able to adopt the child that was meant to be mine. That certainty and support made all the difference to me. Today I have two beautiful, bright, healthy daughters and I will always be grateful to Laura for helping me find my way to them.

Sarah and Emily

From the moment we started imagining our future together, we knew we wanted to create our family through adoption. We had begun working with another agency and were feeling discouraged. A close friend recommended Dr. Laura Nemeyer. From the minute we first met Laura, we knew that she would offer the support and guidance and acceptance that we needed. Laura helped us develop a beautiful profile and connected us with an agency that found our beautiful baby boy. We are eternally grateful to Laura and her staff for treating us with respect and for helping us realize our dreams. We hope to continue to grown our family with Laura’s support.

Thomas and Scott

We always knew that we might encounter some challenges on our path to becoming fathers. We also knew that we needed to choose an adoption agency wisely. Dr. Laura came highly recommended. Thanks to her dedication, professionalism and perseverance, we are proud dads to two amazing children. Being parents is one of the most important things that we have ever done. We loved Dr. Laura so much that we used her services twice.

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“We rejoice in our children who bless our home, whose eager minds and hearts are the promise of tomorrow.”

– The Union Reform Jewish Prayer Book